Start­ing and build­ing a busi­ness can be very time-con­sum­ing, and so many times the first thing that gets put on the back burn­er is our health. Adria DeCorte of, along with the Feed Your Hus­tle Pod­cast shared some great tips on small things you can do to make sure your ener­gy is opti­mized!

Adria worked for the gov­ern­ment for sev­er­al years as a Plant Sci­en­tist. Before that, she had been gain­ing weight slow­ly, and hit a point where she stepped on the scale and real­ized she was the same weight as her hus­band. It was at that point, where she no longer want­ed to con­cen­trate on the lim­i­ta­tions, but she con­cen­trat­ed on what she could do.

This led her to have more ener­gy, and start­ed thriv­ing in her gov­ern­ment job. How­ev­er, she found her­self focus­ing too much on being per­fect. So she pulled back a lit­tle bit to find bal­ance.  It was at that moment, where she learned to lis­ten to her body, was when she real­ized that what she real­ly want­ed was to do some­thing on her own. That’s when she launched her busi­ness.

How can eat­ing right real­ly improve your busi­ness? Adria shared a sto­ry of when she splurged one morn­ing on a waf­fle. She found her­self lat­er that day, unable to con­cen­trate. After try­ing and fail­ing at get­ting any­thing done, she took a nap. Sure, she was able to do that, that one day. How­ev­er, had that hap­pened every day or a speak­ing event, etc, we’re just not at our peak!

Eat­ing right will help you bring more clar­i­ty and focus, and even pos­i­tiv­i­ty and opti­mism.

What are some tips you have where peo­ple can real­ly start imple­ment­ing this change? Adria tells us how it’s all in the kitchen. First, she sug­gests to real­ly cre­ate pos­si­bil­i­ties in your fridge. You want to be able to open it up, and see pos­si­bil­i­ties of what you could make.

Adria also sug­gests get­ting meal tem­plates. You don’t want to look at it as spe­cif­ic recipes, etc. You want to put some more gen­er­al ideas of what you’re eat­ing ver­sus being spe­cif­ic about every spe­cif­ic thing you’re eat­ing. This will allow you to cre­ate some­thing fresh, with­out the giant men­tal band­width.

Tip #2 is to prep in advance. Start using your week­ends just to prep a lit­tle bit in advance. This will allow you to cre­ate meals that will help fuel your day. Or just even take advan­tage of an extra hour with­in the day to start plan­ning.

Tip #3 is to keep a stocked fridge. Just make sure you have the ingre­di­ents of the things that are cru­cial for you to be eat­ing exact­ly what you want to be eat­ing.

Adria sug­gests that you real­ly do things to make sure you keep it sim­ple, and it should be easy.

More About Adria:   Adria DeCorte is a Healthy Liv­ing Strate­gist, help­ing female entre­pre­neurs sim­pli­fy kitchen time so they can eat meals that fuel hus­tle and have the ener­gy to change the world. She has an M.S. with 6 years expe­ri­ence as a Plant Sci­en­tist and now cre­ates entre­pre­neurs per­son­al­ized plant-pow­ered meal plans and healthy liv­ing strate­gies designed to fit in their unique sched­ules while pow­er­ing their incred­i­ble busi­ness and lifestyle goals.

Adria will take the TEDx­Women stage in May 2015 with a talk titled “How food fuels hus­tle” and is pas­sion­ate about her move­ment of women change-mak­ers tak­ing care of them­selves in small but sig­nif­i­cant ways. She also hosts the Feed Your Hus­tle pod­cast where she talks with suc­cess­ful female entre­pre­neurs about the self-care bal­anc­ing act behind their busi­ness.